Here it is! 

My latest book, Simple As... Light Meals, Salads and Smoothies for the busy household, is now available!
The proof copy arrived yesterday for my approval, and now the printers are busy publishing the print order. You can order your copy now and I will send it to you as soon as they arrive - literally hot off the press!

As the name suggests, these recipes are simple!


It is easy to get caught up in a hectic schedule and rely on convenient take away or fast food options, which are usually energy dense and lack proper nutrition. 

I am certainly no chef - but I do appreciate real home cooked meals, and like everyone else I don't have time to spend hours in the kitchen. So I have compiled my go-to favourites, easy to prepare meals that are made with simple everyday ingredients.

Simple As.. contains recipes for 19 light meals, 14 Salads, and 15 Smoothies.


Also available is my previous book, Making Healthy Choices for Life. If you are wanting to make a change to your health and fitness, but are struggling to get started, this will motivate you in the right direction. 

Order your copy of either book here.

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