Hello, I am TJ,

I am a mother of two amazing little people, with a passion for ultra marathon running and a strong sense of adventure. I love nothing more than running through the mountains, and having a body that is healthy enough to allow me to do so. 

I started in the fitness industry 14 years ago. I had the qualification, but I lacked the life experience. Since those gym days, my outlook has totally changed. I now have a holistic approach to fitness, which involves finding the activity you love doing, and doing more of that. It doesn’t matter whether that is organised sport, hiking, paddle boarding or getting outdoors and playing with the kids, its whatever you enjoy doing for you. 
Recharge your soul and the other elements of being fit and healthy will follow.
We get one chance at life, LIVE IT!


  • Advanced Certificate in Nutrition and Health Coaching – Cadence Health
  • Professional Certificate of Menu Planning - Cadence Health
  • Certificate IV in Personal Training – Australian Institute of Fitness
  • CHISMS Programs Certificate IV Special Populations Children and Adolescents - Children’s Hospital in Westmead, Institute of Sports Medicine
  • Certificate III in Group Exercise – Australian Institute of Fitness
  • Certificate III in Gym Instruction – Australian Institute of Fitness