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14 Day Menu Plan

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For those who are wanting guidance on improving variety and balance in their diet. 

We will work together to create a 14 day customised menu plan to suit your needs. 

This is a collaborative process, not me prescribing what you should/shouldn't be eating. I take a non-diet approach to eating. This means there is no restricted eating, no counting calories and no expensive supplements. 
I will review your current eating habits. We will explore your tastes (likes/dislikes), your cooking style, and work within your budget, so that you have a plan that makes healthy eating suit your lifestyle. 

Please note this does not include goal setting or habit changing, if that is what you are after please see me Coaching Program

I will request several pieces of information from you. Once I receive all the information I need, your menu plan will be ready a week later. 


Prior to purchasing, please view the Medical Disclaimer to ensure this product is right for you. 

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